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eVolution Information Systems provides Novell training in their vendor certification programmes and training in networking fundamentals. The Novell vendor certification programme currently available includes Certified Novell Administrator [CNA] and Certified Novell Engineer [CNE] in Netware 3.11/3.12, Netware 4.11/IntraNetware, Netware 5.0, Netware 6.0 and GroupWise 5.0/5.5/6.0.


For details of training courses for Novell Netware 6.0 and 'Storage Area Networks and Novell Cluster Services', please browse to the next 'Novell' logo.

Subject to demand, training courses for BorderManager and ManageWise will be developed and delivered to satisfy client requirements. Customised training courses for eDirectory and Netware 6.5 are currently being developed and will be available in due course.

As with all eVolution training courses, the training material and technical simulations will be customised to reflect your own organisation's technical architecture and requirements.

Training Consultant's designing and developing tailored Novell courses for your specific requirements are all CNA and CNE qualified professionals in Netware 3.11/3.12, Netware 4.11/IntraNetware, Netware 5.0, Netware 6.0 and GroupWise 5.5/6.0.

CNA [Certified Novell Administrator]

CNE [Certified Novell Engineer]

eVolution Information Systems

Netware Administration
Netware Advanced Administration
Service & Support
TCP/IP for Network Professionals
Networking Technologies
Netware Installation & Configuration
NDS/eDirectory Design & Implementation
ConsoleOne Administration
Novell Storage Systems
Novell Cluster Services
GroupWise 5.5
GroupWise 6.0
ZenWorks For Servers
ZenWorks For Desktops


Whilst many organisations still deploy Netware 5.0 as their backbone network operating system, eVolution Information Systems provide Novell Netware 6.0 training courses for clients wishing to upgrade to the additional features offered by Netware 6.0. Additionally, for clients wishing to achieve high availability systems, eVolution also provide a 'Storage Area Networks and Novell Cluster Services' course.


CNA/CNE - Novell Netware 6.0

Netware 6 Installation
Netware Clients
Novell Management Tools
Netware 6 Server Management
Netware Server Console Commands
Novell eDirectory Design
Novell eDirectory Management
Users and Network Security
Netware Printing Services [NDPS and iPrint]
File Storage and Management [NSS]
Netware 6 Web Servers
Netware File Access
Netware Multi-Processor Support
Novell Cluster Services

Storage Area Networks and Novell Cluster Services

Introducing Storage Area Networks & Novell Cluster Services
Exploring and Implementing Storage Area Networks
Achieving High Availability
Novell Cluster Services Architecture
Planning Novell Cluster Services
Installing Novell Cluster Services
Managing Novell Cluster Services
Creating Cluster Resources
Working with Shared Disk NSS Volumes
Novell Cluster Services and NDPS
Novell Cluster Services and Groupwise
Novell Cluster Services and DHCP and DNS
Novell Cluster Services 1.6 for Netware 6.0
Novell Cluster Services and Application Configuration
Backing Up Cluster Volumes on Storage Area Networks
Troubleshooting Novell Cluster Services


Please visit for comprehensive details of Novell training options and requirements.

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